Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Dana Geraths/Geraths Designs Complaint Board

To all fellow sufferers of the follies of dealing with Dana Geraths! Here, at last, is a place to tell your story. If you have paid money to Dana and have failed to receive your order, then please feel free to discuss it here.

You can tell your story of how Dana failed to deliver after you paid him. Please tell us of the many excuses he has used to placate you while he was "feverishly working" on your model, panel or any other item you may have bought. Please state how long you have been waiting for your order and how much money you paid for your order.

Please send your story to as well as the emails that you have either sent or received from Dana. We will post the information on this blogsite. If nothing else, you will prevent some other poor sucker from making the same mistake of paying upfront for an order that he/she will never receive.


Blogger D Acton Brown said...

This is amazing. I did a search for Geraths and this blog was the first thing that came up. I, too have a bone to pick with Mr. Geraths. In the fall of 05 I purchased a powder horn from him via Ebay. I liked it and ordered another one just like it through his wife Pamela. Paid $90 in advance. Never got the horn. Was told TWICE that it had been sent and "must have been lost in the mail." Not likely. Since then I have made complaint to the SEattle area BBB. It received no response. Geraths does not respond to my further attempts to contact him. If, perhaps, I could meet him face to face, I could get satisfaction one way or another. But as for now, we have this blog.

David Brown
Summerville, GA

9:58 AM  
Blogger William Johnson said...

Mr Geraths has a LONG history of 'things lost in the mail', just check out the historical trekking board or Frontierfolks message boards to see how many he has ripped off over the years. I hear he does fair work, THOUGH I HAVE NEVER SEEN IT!


7:44 AM  
Blogger unknowen said...

dana and pam have took thoundns of dollers from her family over the last 20 yars, or so and have stolin money from them too.! so dnt feel so bad.they will get what thay deserve!!!!.one day . famly insider

4:11 PM  
Blogger Voice of Reason said...

I have purchased several things from Dana and never had a single issue. I have one of his Mercury plaques and Moon plaques and they are great!

I also know the person who created this site and have known him for years and this kind of childish attack is something that I thought was beneath him. I guess not.

The TRUTH is the Gerath family have had a very rough time of it since Dana's wife went through brain surgery. Mr. McGlynn, the person who created this site, has taken huge steps to hurt these struggling people for nearly two years now because he did not get his plastic model.

I used to consider Larry McGlynn a friend and have known him for many years and have sat and talked with him at some of the autograph shows; but this horrible attack of lies focused on hurting a couple that has struggled through so much has completely destroyed my opinion of a person I thought was a great guy. I understand that Dana in the past owed some people some product, but kicking someone when they are down, over and over again?

Shame on you Larry, this site is beneath you and if you had any decency at all you would delete it. If you think I am the only collector who is talking about this and about you, you are wrong. I know you feel you need to hurt Dana for some reason, but this is just wrong. Let it go.

1:19 AM  
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Blogger taken advantage of said...

I sent dana almost 2000.00 and items for him to work on for me.....that was over 2 years ago. looks like to every one person he has taken care of, there are 5 who he has scammed.....

thats sad

12:48 PM  
Blogger Apollotribute said...

Voice of Reason is really Dana Gareths.

9:25 AM  

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